The largest wine fair out of Helsinki with the uprising drinking culture in Finland

With 40 stands, and over 300 styles of wines from over 90 wineries of which most of them are first time to be in Finland, The Tampere Wine Fest would attract wine lovers around the region to come.

Tampere Wine Fest Brings Interesting Wines

Tampere Wine Fest, organised by the international well-known wine expert Timo Jokinen who has been in the industry for more than three decades, will be held on 27-28th April in Tampere city centre. This wine festival is pretty different from normal wine tastings or events in Finland, because most of the wines are not available locally and many are interesting or less known wine-producing countries, namely from Switzerland, Slovakia and Czech Republic. French, Italian and Spanish and even Hungarian wines would of course still play a major role in the festival. This will for sure open Finnish wine lovers’ eyes, no matter if you are a connoisseur or a beginner.

Another highlight of the Tampere Wine Fest is the masterclass of Andrea Paoletti, the famous viticulturist and renowned Tuscan wine consultant. From Tignanello/ Antinori to Ornellaia, from Valdicava to Isole e Olena, you would not be unfamiliar with all his wines. With his lifelong dedication to Tuscan wines, Dr. Paoletti is sharing his stories to Finnish wine lovers, of course including the Italian wines he made throughout the decades, together with his recent projects from Georgia and Turkey.

Finnish Wine & Dine Culture Movement

With the uprising drinking culture in Finland, including but not limited to beer, wines or whiskies, there have been increasing number of festivals and fairs for professionals and public to get in touch with.

Finns are drinking more reasonably and responsibly- focusing more on quality instead of quantity. People are more open-minded to learn and know, gradually, on what are they tasting and even pairing with food. More and more wine-related bistros and restaurants are meanwhile opening in major cities, including Tampere, offering usually multicourse menus with wine package to dine with. This movement has been quite obviously developed in recent 2 years.

Winemaker´s dinner is a vital event during the Tampere Wine Fest that wine lovers should not miss. Restaurant C will have a Swiss evening with Patrick Z´Brun from Domaine Chevaliers; Restaurant LiV is having a tour de Basilicata with Carlo Lacovazzo of Tenuta Lacovazzo; Mr. Nicola Agramante of Podere Ruggeri Corsini will bring you to Piedmont in Restaurant Henriks. All the seats can be reserved directly from the restaurants.

The Fest is happening in only 2 days, so now it's the last chance to get the tickets and join this unique and interesting event!

About Timo Jokinen

Timo has been involving in international trades specialized in Southeast Asian regions since 1970's. His engagement with wines started in 1986 and have been well-known wine judge from 1995 onwards. He founded Tampereen Vinoteque in 1999. He is also a columnist in Aamulehti, Wine-Magazine and many others. Timo was honoured as the world's 5th Grand Officier Maître Sommelier of Chaîne des Rôtisseurs in December 2017. He is also appreciated as Supreme Knight of Vine in Brotherhood of the Knights of the Vine in July 2017.

Tampere Wine Fest

27 April (Fri.) 16:30-21:00 | 28 April (Sat.) 14:00-21:00

Olympia-Kortteli Satakunnankatu 10, 33100 Tampere

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