Bordeaux 2015 report- Margaux Success

Margaux region enjoyed the best weather in the left bank in 2015 vintage. They had similar weather as like Pomerol and Saint-Emilion, and didn't get that much rainfall as like in northern Medoc. Grapes were fully ripened with plenty of concentration, complexity and freshness.

Unfortunately, I did not have time to go to UGCB tasting this year and so the number of wines tasted this year especially in Medoc regions were not as many as others. Here is the list of nice Margaux wines that I tasted.


Chateau Brane-Cantenac: Concentrated mixture of dark and red plum, cherry. A lot of complexity in the structure and backbone together with round ripe tannins. Acidity was gradually coming out at the back of the palate which also gave a long finish to the wine. Rich, elegant and very fresh. This is my favourite Brane-Cantenac vintage so far! 94-95+

Chateau Cantenac Brown: The sample was a bit sleeping and subtle. Quite integrated red and black fruit, medium bodied with quite ripe tannin. A long live wine that needs time to open up. 92-94

Chateau Dufort Viviens: Rich ripe red fruits, liquorice, hint of oak and toast, medium bodied and medium long length with quite a lot of tannin. A bit sleeping still. 91-93

Chateau d'Issan: Intense ripe red fruit, very concentrated and rich, a lot of freshness can be detected. Floral and elegant, really aromatic and silky. Long finish. Opulent, complex and feminine. It was very fine and enjoyable, is one of the best d'Issan I tasted. 94+

Blason d'issan: It is the second wine of d'Issan and is basically a mini-d'Issan with a bit lighter tannin and aimed to drink young. Very fresh and easy drinking. Same as d'Issan, in very elegant red berries driven style. 91+

Chateau Lascombes: Ripe blackberries, black fruit with liquorice, ripe tannin and medium full body, fresh and elegant with a hint of oak. It was more 'dark' and deep compare to 2014 vintage which was red fruit driven. 2014 was more fruity and fresher. 91-93

Chateau Margaux: Very concentrated ripe red and dark plum, berries, cherry, sweet spices, violet. Extremely floral and perfume. Very long finish with never-ending acidity and silky tannin. Oaky, vanilla and toasty flavour can be caught at the end of the palate. It is a perfect mix of power, structure and elegancy for this wine. A refined, layered, delicated and sophisticated masterpiece as the final vintage of Paul Pontallier. He will be truly missed when we talk about and drink Margaux 2015 in the future. This is my best pick of Left Bank and one of the Top 5 of this 2015 vintage. 98-99+

Pavillon Rouge du Chateau Margaux: A lot of concentrated raspberries, red cherry came first at the aroma and palate, then turn to darker berries in palate. Fresh, round and silky. A charming second wine. 92-93+

Pavillon Blanc du Chateau Margaux: Creamy, vanilla, slightly oak, hint of toast, some white flowers, apple, some white currants and lemon. Very fresh and very good acidity, medium long finish. However I love the 2014 vintage more for Blanc. 92+

Chateau Marquis d'Alesme: Dark fruit driven. Pretty oaky, lots of tannin and medium long in length. A powerful Margaux region wine. 89-91

Chateau Marquis de Terme: Quite intense dark fruit, blackberries with pretty high level of tannin and acidity. Medium body and length with firm structure. 89-91

Chateau Palmer: Combination of ripe dark and red fruit, liquorice, dark plum peel, raisin. Intense, deep, subtle, very fresh acidity and ripe tannin. Long finish, elegant and in harmony. The wine was so integrated that cannot feel the high alcohol (14%) at all. This is my second favourite for Margaux appellation wines. 96+

Alter Ego: A very delicate second wine. Opulent red and dark berries, very sweet and fruity in palate. Elegant, fresh and polished. Easy and earlier drinking for sure comparing to Palmer but this second label was doing a very good job! 93-95

Chateau Prieure Lichine: Rich ripen dark fruit and berries in aroma, but with more red berries and plum in the palate. Hint of toast can be found. Medium body with lots of freshness. Elegant and nice! 91-93

Chateau Rauzan Gassies: Plenty of fruits, intense red and dark cherry, ripe tannin and slightly oaky. Quite easy to drink. 90-91

Chateau Rauzan-Segla: Floral and aromatic. Fresh and vibrant with lots of red berries, red plum and yet not over powerful. The wine was pure and clean with fineness, complexity, high acidity and velvet tannin. Medium long length. I just loved this wine. 94-95+

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