Bordeaux 2015 report: Saint-Emilion Charms

Saint Emilion is a bit varying depends on the winery styles. There were some superb fine and balanced ones, yet there were a lot with a bit over powerful from the extraction of fully (or over) ripened fruit. A long list from Saint-Emilion wines were tasted in the Primeur.


Chateau Angelus: Wow! Very concentrated and ripened dark fruits. Sweet and opulent like a perfume. Elegant with velvet tannin. Very good integration with the body, tannin, acidity and the freshness from the wine. There were lots of feminine touch in the wine. Perhaps it's the effect from Stéphanie de Boüard, the 8th generation of the family. 2015 is her first production vintage for Angelus. This is my favourite Angelus since 2009 vintage onwards, a vintage can drink early and for sure be able to age. 98-99+

La Carillon d'Angelus: Very fresh and fruity, full of red cherry and red currants. Clean and nice acidity as the second wine. Elegant and very approachable and ready to drink even now. 90-92

Chateau Ausone: Nice structured and complex wine. Apart from loads of dark and red plum, some mint, cigar leaves, pencil sharpen can be detected. Oak and vanilla were well integrated without over power. Tannin was firmed and velvet. Length was very long. This wine showed a combination of masculine and feminine characters- a powerful tannin structure yet in a delicate silky way of fineness and freshness. A highly sophisticated wine. 98+

Chapelle D'Ausone: Deep and subtle with loads of dark and red fruits. There was hints of oak and vanilla in the mid-palate. Medium long finish with some dry fruit at the end. Pretty high acidity and weighty but still smooth tannin. This wine for sure needs ageing time to get softened. 92-93

Chateau Beausejour Becot: A lot of dark and deep character. A bit sleeping for the sample that I tasted. Subtle, dark fruit driven, liquorice and hint of peppers can be detected. Long length and it would need time to wake this wine up. 91

Bellevue Mondotte: Ripened black and red fruit, a bit raisin at the end of the palate. Quite weighty tannin with medium length. Deep and powerful. 93

Chateau Canon La Gaffeliere: Mixture of rich and ripened black and red fruit, black pepper and liquorice. Very fine and elegant with quite much silky tannin. Smooth with medium long finish. A nice vintage for Canon La Gaffeliere! 94-95+

Chateau Cheval Blanc: Vibrant berries with concentration. Hint of pencil sharpen and gamey. Rich and intnese wine. Some wool can also be detected from nose. Very good tannin and texture and yet very silky. Beautiful dark fruit long finish. 97-99

Clos de l'Oratoire: Rich black berries dominating with a blend of red fruits. Fresh and elegant with medium long finish. 92-93

Chateau Croix de Labrie: Good structure with intense ripened red fruit. Fruity in palate. Quite plenty of tannin but round and silky. Medium long length. A nice wine to enjoy with. 93

Chateau de Pressac: Quite silky with lots of ripened fruits, and some hint of raisin at the back of the aroma. Concentrated and nice performed wine. 90-91

Chateau Faugeres: Redberries and cherry are very strong in aroma but a bit light in palate. Quite long length with ripe tannin. 89-90

Chateau Figeac: Very ripened and intense mixture of red and dark fruit, complex and concentrated aroma. There were quite a lot of tannin in mouth but very silky and smooth, accompanying plenty of freshness and acidity. Very long finish. The wine was integrated and well balance between the powerful intense fruit and elegance freshness. 96-97+

Petit Figeac: Rich, ripened red fruit driven. Aromatic with a lot of fresh fruit from palate. Nice acidity that only came out gradually. It was quite alike with the Figeac but with less tannin. This second wine is also very good and intense with medium long finish. Another early drinking wine. 91-93

Chateau Grand Corbin Manuel: An easy and straight-forward wine. Lighter body, comparatively less intense or concentrated from others. Dark fruit and peppery can be tasted. 86-87

Chateau Grand Mayne: A mixture of dark cherry, plum and raisin in character. It would need some time to age to soften the tannin of the wine but it is still a nice one with good length. 90+

Chateau Haut Brisson: Concentrated wine with mix of red and dark fruit. There were quite a lot of tannin but round in palate. Good length and complexity. 89-91

Chateau L' Eveche: Intense ripened red fruit, fresh with high acidity. Enough tannin but a bit raw and bitter. Some tea leaves tastes can be found. 86-88

Chateau La Clotte: Very good balance between tannin, body and acidity. Fresh, pure and silky. A feminine wine. Very enjoyable wine even at this moment and for sure good potential for ageing. 93-94

Chateau La Confession: Black fruit driven, hint of gamey and wool. Round tannin and medium length. Quite nice one! 90+

Chateau La Marzelle: Another wine with black fruit driven. Blackberries, black pepper, liquorice were easily found. There were a lot of freshness in the wine, together with some weight of tannin. 90-92

La Mondotte: Intense and rich ripened red fruit like cherry and plum but not over-ripened. Very round in body and silky with a lot of freshness and high acidity. All the tastes stayed in the mouth for long time and continued to give out more. Pure, very nice balance and integration for the wine. It was for sure one of the top wines in Saint-Emilion at 2015 vintage. 96-98+

Chateau Lusseau: Ripened blackberries, dark fruit, deep and oaky, toasty. Medium long length and good freshness of acidity balancing the ripeness of fruit. High tannin but not too powerful. 90-92

Chateau Monbousquet: Rich and concentrated mixture of dark plum and red berries. There was hint of oak at the back of the palate. Quite powerful in body and tannin but smooth and round. Fresh and charming wine. A good vintage for Monbousquet that can age and drink young. 94

Angelique de Monbousquet: Perfume and attractive aroma of fruitness. Dark fruit driven. Elegant, silky and with lots of fresh acidity. Sufficient tannin and good length. A nice second wine. 91+

Chateau Moulin Saint Georges: Ripen dark fruit like plum and blackberries, deep and subtle. There were quite strong oaky and vanilla flavour. Round tannin and medium long finish. However, there was a bit alcohol feeling in the palate. 91-93

Chateau Pavie: Deep and subtle dark berries and plum, rich and intense. Hint of oak, roasted coffee and cigar. Quite high alcohol in nose but palate is round and silky. Medium full body, high acidity, long fresh pure velvet finish. 97+

Aromes De Pavie: Powerful wine with dark fruit driven. Roasted coffee and a hint of red berries can be found. Medium body and acidity but a bit simple and straight-forward in length. 88-90

Chateau Pavie Decesse: Floral, ripened red hawthorn, red berries, hint of dry red fruit. Red fruit dominating with depth. Balance and good structured wine. 95+

Chateau Peby Faugeres: Very intense of ripened dark fruit together with toast and espresso. The wine was pure, good structured and in long length. Winelover will seldom get disappoinments from this winery. And of course, price tells. 92-94

Chateau Puy Blanquet: Floral and Perfume. Elegant with red fruits, clean and pure. Smooth tannin with medium length. 90+

Quinault L'Enclos: Refreshing, elegant, a mix of red and dark fruits. Pure wine. Medium long finish. Nice stuff. 90-91

Chateau Quintus: Closed and subtle. Pretty powerful and weighty. Loads of fruit in the palate with medium long finish. Somehow the wine was not open at the moment when I tasted. Ir would need longer time to wake up. It also came to be a bit alcoholic in mouth and comparatively the second wine, Le Dragon de Quintus did give a lot of freshness and surprise. 90-92

Le Dragon de Quintus: Intense red fruit, hint of game, wool , mushoom and wet forest, a bit earthy. Ripened fruit driven and a bit toasty from end of palate. Soft and round. Nice acidity and quite ready to drink. I did not feel the high alcohol (15.2%) from the palate. This is another perfect second wine of this vintage and very good value for money. 92+

Chateau Simard: Fresh, ripened red cherry and plum, soft and silky tannin with adequate acidity. Very fresh in body and texture. An easy and early drinking wine and with good value of money. 90

Chateau Soutard: Rich red berries in both nose and palate, quite aromatic. Medium long length with freshness and purity. 90-91

Chateau Tour Saint Christophe: Blackberries and cherry, dark plum. Rich and concentrated. Medium full body with good length. A lot of potential for this wine for ageing. 90-92

Chateau Troplong Mondot: Opulent red fruit, very delicate and sophisticated. Plenty of dark and red berries, plum and cherry. Very elegant with long finish of dark berries and some dark chocolate. It was unbelievable that the wine reached 15.5% of alcohol as the wine was so smooth and silky. Excellent one! 96-97+

Chateau Villemaurine: Rich red berries and quite sweet, slightly toasty. Nice intensity and freshness in the wine. Medium length. 90-92

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