Scribble: Life can be very simple...

Summer and sunshine are very important for Scandinavians due to the short summer or few warm days in the regions. For instance it would be a lucky year if there are three to four months of warm days (with 20degrees or above) in Southern Finland. Like in 2015, it was a really bad year with cold summer and with only one to two months of warmth. Therefore Scandinavians treasure sunny days a lot that they go outdoors after work, or some would prefer to work at home (outdoors) and get some chances of having more sunlight.

Lakes and archipelago are the most famous things in Finland. There are over 180,000 each of lakes and islands at different sizes and the population is only five millions in the country. Owning or renting cottages along lakeside and in archipelago is common for Finns to spend weekends and summer holidays. Finns will normally have BBQ and drinks, and of course traditional Finnish sauna when they are at the cottages. Besides, Finns are generally nature-oriented. Forest is occupying 70% of the land which is also well-known in the world. Finns love different kinds of activities in the forest, like hiking, jogging, cycling, orienteering. You can see them picking different kinds of berries and mushrooms at different times of summer and autumn.

Today is a religious holiday in Finland. It was surprisingly warm by beginning of May with almost 20 degrees. I of course took the chance to go outdoor for picnic and enjoyed the early summer sunshine. The place I went is called Skatanniemi, a cape with open sea view 20km from Helsinki downtown. It was quite easy to reach there by simply taking the metro to the terminal and changing to a bus for another 5 minutes. You can choose to walk for the 1.5km and skip the bus. After that, just walked along the forest path for 1.5km from the bus stop next to seashore and the destination was reached.

It was just too easy to spend two, three hours there for picnic. Simply sitting there under thesunlight having some snacks, drinking some simple white wine and whiskies, watching different species of bird, listening the waves hitting the rocks, enjoying the sea breeze blowing towards you- all the natures that can be found there. You can forget all the luxury goods, expensive wines and complicated life in that scenario.

Life can be that simple and happiness can be that easy!

北歐人很注重夏天和陽光, 因為夏天和暖的日子很短, 譬如在芬蘭南部好運的會有三四個月在20度以上, 倒楣的話(像2015年)可能只是一兩個月會比較溫暖, 所以他們很珍惜有陽光的日子, 每當是晴天, 你們一定不問理由的下班後跑到室外野餐, 喝咖啡或葡萄酒, 甚至有些人會決定那天在家工作, 然後趁還是晴天的日子跑到外面去。

在芬蘭最有名的是湖和島嶼, 在這個人口只有五百多萬的國家 (是的比香港還要少得多), 卻有超過各十八萬個大大小小的湖泊和島嶼, 很多人會擁有或租用在湖畔和島嶼上的渡假屋過渡周末和暑假,在湖畔享受BBQ和傳統的芬蘭浴。此外芬蘭的森林比例如此多也可算是世上數一數二, 就在領土中單是森林便佔了起碼70%, 你不難在下班後和假日看見芬蘭人在森林中進行各式各樣的活動: 遠足, 跑步, 騎單車, 野外定向比賽, 在夏天和秋天時採摘不同的莓子和蘑菇, 所以芬蘭人崇尚大自然是有原因的- 因為他們根本就在大自然的環境中長大。

趁著今天是宗教假期, 也難得在五月頭便有差不多二十度, 當然要出外野餐, 和陽光玩一玩遊戲。今年跑到在首相赫爾辛基市中心以外大概廿公里的區域, 從市中心坐地鐵到終站大約半小時, 之後坐五分鐘巴士到海邊, 再沿著森林的行人徑再走兩公里便到達目的地: Skatanniemi, 一個小海角, 我們坐在崖邊舒舒服服的曬曬太陽, 聽著海浪拍打石頭的聲音, 感受著不太冷的海風輕拂臉龐, 吃著小點心觀觀鳥, 喝著不太講究的白酒, 之後也呷了隨便在家中帶來的小樣, 這樣坐著坐著, 享受著大自然富于的一切, 兩三小時很容易便過去。在這個情景地方, 所謂「鹹魚白菜也好好味」, 根本不用追求甚麼列級Grand Cru名酒奢侈品, 生活和快樂其實是很簡單!

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