Glen Garioch 1999: A Sherry Lover

Now comes to the last Glen Garioch I am reviewing from my "sample stocks". It was a bottle released in 2013 for a 14 years old whisky maturing all the time in ex-oloroso sherry cask. This was the first Glen Garioch that was matured entrirely in sherry cask with small batch release in recent years- only 6,000 bottles were produced at natural cask strength of 56.3%.

Glen Garioch 1999/ 2013, Batch #30, ex-oloroso sherry, 56.3%, 6000 bottles

(Picture: Glen Garioch website)

Appearance: Deep amber with light tawny colour

Aroma: First comes to the nose is ground coffee powder with digestive biscuit, then roasted malt, french toast, toasty, milk chocolate, hint of roasted wood and butterscotch. There is also quite strong sense of fruit in the nose: nectarine, apple, dates, hint of marmalade, hint of sweet spices, raisin and dry fruit. The aroma is a basically a lovely combination of sweetness and roastiness.

Palate: Medium body, a strong roasty taste hits first to the mouth: dark coffee, dark chocolate, roasted wood with hint of sulphur, quite dry with the burning wood & apple peel tannin. Sweetness comes gradually with apple, dates, dark plum & dark plum peel, hint of orange peel, nectarine, apricot and raisin at the back

Aftertaste: Medium to (+) length, dark roasted coffee, roasted wood bitterness, raisin, dark plum and hint of apple peel

Wow it is quite a dry and tannic sherry whisky! I did not expect the burnt wood characters would be that strong with such a young age (14yo). Both the palate and aroma are full of wood, roasted coffee and dry fruit characters with the combination of sweet fruits like nectarine and apricot. It is again a lovely one in spite of its young age. If you are a sherry fans, I am sure you must enjoy this whisky quite much and so do I. It would be more perfect if the body can be slightly fuller and more powerful. With all the 5 reviews from Glen Garioch that I made, it seems I like more the production of 90s vs 80s.

Well done Rachel, you have done a great job in Glen Garioch and do appreciate your work! -85points

如果你是一個雪莉控, 你一定會喜歡這支頗年輕的Glen Garioch. 雖然只有14歲, 但它不論香氣和味道都有很強烈的烤木, 重烘焙咖啡特質, 再加上乾果和一些熱帶果實如油桃和杏子的香甜, 入口較乾身, 有單寧但帶微甜, 表現十分誘人, 喝起來不太像只有14年的. 如果這支的酒身可再重一點的話就會更完美了.

這次一共寫了5篇Glen Garioch的品飲文, 個人感覺上比較喜歡90後的出品, 可能因為它們在幾年前轉了Master Blender, 調和出來的作品相當出色, 或許也較合我口味吧!  

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