Glen Garioch: Single Cask #1720

This is the second last Glen Garioch I review before reviewing other distilleries. This time it is a vintage single cask with only 151 bottles available. And again I had a chance to get a small sample to taste with.

Glen Garioch 1986/ 2013 single cask #1720, 51.2%, bottle# 58/151, North American Hosghead

Distilled date: 9 May 1986

Bottling date: 26 Sep 2013

Appearance: Medium(+) gold

Aroma: Lemon, lime, lemon mud cake, unripen banana and pear, ginger, soapy, hint of savoury, liquorice, furniture polish/ vinegar, hint of wood and nutmeg. After 5 mins, the characters of camomile, apple crumble and hint of vanilla start to come gradually and are sensed at the later stage. Pretty light style.

Because of the weirdness, I decided to add water to the whisky and it opens up much better for the drink.

Here comes with the aroma: gooseberry, spices, vanilla, toasted wood, hint of mint and saltiness, and of course lemon mud cake still exists with some vinegar and furniture polish, hint of berry leaves and autumn leaves

Palate: Medium(-) to medium body. Soapy, lemon mud cake, a bit like lemon detergent as the first sip. Lemon zest, ginger, hint of roasted wood and grapefuit bitterness, hint of sultana.

(After adding water, palate changes a bit too: Lemon, honey, lemon jelly, white currants, but still soapy. Then it comes with a bit artificial lemon and peach flavoured essense )

Aftertaste: Medium length, lemon zest, pear, soapy and lemon mud cake, hint of camomile and honey water

This is pretty strange whisky again from the 1986 Glen Garioch. Last time was with some orange jelly and this time is soapy with some lemon detergent characters. Is my sample contaminated or was the cask not good enough condition to produce the weird soapy and detergent like characters? On the other hand, as a 27yo single cask whisky with the above performance, sorry it is something I would not recommend. -74pts

在這兩次1986年Glen Garioch的品飲中都有一些奇怪的味道, 上一次有香橙啫喱味, 這一次則是香皂和檸檬洗潔精, 都是人工化的味道, 究竟是我的樣本有問題, 還是這個桶子的質素問題? 我品飲的過程是甚少加水的, 但這一瓶奇怪的Glen Garioch卻要讓我加一點水去"窺探"它的變化, 可是作為27年單桶的它, 表現還是令我失望. -74分

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