Glen Garioch: The Renaissance

The word "Renaissance" from the bottle has given me lots of imagination. Remembering of the Late Medieval Period where all the cultural movements including arts, architecture, religous, science were all going to a new era. The best known "Renaissance Men" were perhaps Leonardo da Vinci and Michelangelo.

What about the Renaissance for Glen Garioch? It is in 1997- the most recent re-opening by Morrison Bowmore as mentioned in the first Glen Garioch review. The Renaissance first release was in August 2014, with a 15 years old unpeated whisky which was distilled after 1997 showing the product and characters upon its re-awakening. This is named The First Chapter. There will be further releases of 16, 17 and 18 years old expressions to the market annually to complete the Renaissance story.

The whisky is matured in both bourbon and sherry casks with a limited of 12,000 bottles are produced.

Glen Garioch Renaissance 15yo 1st chapter 51.9%, 12000 bottles

(Picture: Glen Garioch website)

Appearance: Medium gold amber

Aroma: Ripened apple, spiced pear, vanilla, sponge cake, french toast, butterscotch, cinnamon cake, bread pudding, ginger, marmalade. Sweet orange and citrus, tropical fruit comes out gradually from the later stage. Hint of savoury and toasted wood, hint of syrup and caramel. Very attractive and complex aroma, it has lots of characters with tertiary aroma, wonderful!

Palate: Ginger orange, savoury, roasted wood and roasted meat, vanilla sponge cake, spiced apple, apple peel and grapefruit, pretty bitter and dry in mouth. There are also hints of caramel, dark chocolate and nuts (walnut / chestnut). Medium body.

Aftertaste: Medium to medium(+) length. Toast, roasted wood, spiced apple, apple peel and dark plum peel, nutty

A pretty attractive aroma from this drink. Very sweet and complex, meanwhile the taste is quite different from it, which expresses more dryness and woodiness from this bottle. As a combination of bourbon and sherry cask, the aroma is showing very ripened like tropical fruit meanwhile the palate is quite spicy. Anyway this is a nice and enjoyable Glen Garioch compare to the previous two reviews, and the best so far I have tasted from the Glen Garioch on shelf. It is suitable to have a wee dram of this Chapter at a winter evening.

By the way, it is totally a rebirth of Glen Garioch for the unpeated version. I am really looking forward to the launch of the following chapters that hope they are as good quality as the First. -86points

p.s. The tasting is from a small sample

這瓶Glen Garioch 真的是有重生的感覺, 當然首先是與老年份的泥煤款式很不同. 這款文藝復興第一章的香氣十分很吸引, 帶有複雜而甜蜜的成熟果香, 但入口的感覺卻截然不同, 感覺是相對重木味和乾身, 香料味相對突出. 這款是我喝過暫時最好的Glen Garioch, 比之前寫的兩款質素較好, 蠻適合冬天晚上獨酌, 會讓人感到很溫暖, 也令我十分期待之後三章文藝復興故事的內容!

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