A Traditional Product with Ups And Downs: Glen Garioch (single cask 1986/2011 batch 11)

Glen Garioch Distillery is one of the oldest Scottish whisky distilleries situated in Aberdeenshire, Highlands. The region is traditionally famous of both barley growing and stunning views. The establishment of Glen Garioch counts back to 1794 when John Manson and his brother Alexander built the distillery and a brewery. 1797 was the official founding year that were imprinted in all the bottles. There had been many times of changing hands since then until 1968. During the period the distillery had only suspened once in 1939-1945 due to the Second World War. However due to the insufficient water source, the distillery was first officially closed in 1968.

Glen Garioch, pronounced as Glen Gee-ri which is a Doric dialect of Aberdeen, reopened in 1970 with a low level of production. In July 1994 Suntory Limited became the owner of the distillery and then in October 1995, Glen Garioch was again closed for a period of time. The batch of whisky produced before the closure were from smokey barley. In 1997, Glen Garioch was opened again and started to produce non-smoky or unpeated whiskies. The ownership was then changed to Morrison-Bowmore Distillers, Suntory until now.

I have tasted a few Glen Garioch and is writing the reviews one by one.

Glen Garioch single cask 1986/ 2011 Batch 11, North American Oak, 54.6%

Picture: Glen Garioch website

Appearance: medium(+) gold

Aroma: Vanilla, sponge cake, ripened pear, semi ripened apple, baked bread, cumim, mix of white and black pepper, savoury with hint of salt, hint of cinnamon, fudge, hint of orange peel, hint of camomile, pretty sweet and complex aroma

Palate: Medium body, ripened apple, heavy and sweet spice, orange, orange jelly, dry orange peel, peach, pepper, cumin, bread pudding, hint of maple syrup and orange blossom honey. Medium(-) length but goes away pretty quickly with a hint of savoury coming from the end

Aftertaste: medium to short , hint of fudge, sweet spices, dry orange peel, hint of wood

The aroma is quite nice but the palate is a bit strange, especially the slightly artificial perfume orange jelly like palate is something I don't like much and feel weird. The palate is a simple and direct and length is a bit short too. As a matured single cask it is a bit disappointed as I would expect more from it in spite of the smoothless in the mouth, which is the one of the praising point in the whisky. Yet it is perhaps something i don't know how to appreciate it. -78points

Conclusion in Chinese: 這支的香氣不錯但味道真的很奇怪, 有一種很強烈的人造香橙味啫哩香水的味道, 口感沒太多層次, 很簡單直接, 而且餘韻很短, 像風一樣就沒了. 以一支25年的威士忌來說我會感到很失望, 唯一可取的是入口是很柔順, 沒有刺喉的酒精感. 但那個特別的香橙味道是真心不太懂得欣賞

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