A Special Dram To Remember

I didn’t expect that my official first tasting article would be written in a very sad and depressed mood. I was thinking if I should use either whisky or wine to write my first review. Unfortunately, there was a sad happening to wine industry in Hong Kong today. A wine friend of mine, who is a very experienced in the industry passed away very suddenly today. Because of this, I’d like to dedicate this article to a special bottling to express my deepest condolences to his beloved, and as a tribute to our great wine man in Hong Kong, Francois Luck.

Speaking of this whisky, this is a private bottling for Kenny Hsu, a Keeper of Quiach of Taiwan. He bottled it for his son Tommy at the age of 12 years in 2015, symbolizing a milestone of Tommy to step into the next stage of his life. There is a bagpipe logo at the back label as Kenny is a bagpipe enthusiast. He is deeply keen on into the Scottish culture and has been learning to play bagpipe for years. Nowadays and he is actively performing in many big and important whisky events, whisky tastings, wedding celebrations and even some joint performances with primary school orchestra.

The whisky is matured in Pedro Ximenez Sherry Puncheon with 686 bottles.

GlenDronach 2003/2015, 12 years old, PX Sherry Puncheon, Cask #714, 686 bottles, 55.7% abv

Appearance: medium+ amber

Aroma: Orange zest, marmalade, ripened apple, red plum, semi-ripened apricot, cinnamon, sweet spices, vanilla, sponge cake, lightly peppery, apple crumble, butterscotch, hint of cardamom and nectarine. Very complex and attractive sweet fruit aromas appear first, then gradually with spices, coffee and 50% dark chocolate and some cedar appearing. Very comfortable and smooth nosing that you will not expect it is over 55% abv.

Palate: Medium body, dry with a lot of spices and pepper. Ripened apple, apple zest, red plum, dark plum, vanilla, oak, apple crumble, dark coffee, 50% dark chocolate, hint of nectarine, cardamom, raisin and dry fruit. A bit strong alcoholic and warm feeling for the throat.

Aftertaste: Medium long length. Dark coffee, 50-70% dark chocolate, dry burnt wood, dry fruit and raisin, hint of apple zest, vanilla and cedar

As a 12yo whisky, its performance is really nice especially on the aroma that is really complex and well structured. You can feel from palate that this is still young but it has already shown lots of characters and complexity in the drink. If I have to criticize that would be the slightly strong alcoholic feeling in palate, and would be much better if the body can be more round in mouth. It will still require some more time to open up. Anyways, this is a very nice selection by Kenny Hsu in spite of such a young age of GlenDronach. I do appreciate very much and I believe so does his son in the future! -88points (please refer to my disclaimer for the grading system)

Conclusion in Chinese: 以12年多納來說, 這支表現非常出色, 尤其在香氣, 結構和複雜度, 是非常不錯. 入口的表現還是會感到相對年輕和有輕微的酒精感, 若酒體能再圓潤些, 這款是真的不得了, 當然是局限於年份而未能盡善盡美. 這支包桶還需要時間open up, 我相信再次品飲時表現會更好!

Special thanks for Li ChunFeng for the surprised sample sent from Taiwan to me. Truly appreciate it!

GlenDronach photo source: Kenny Hsu facebook picture

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