About ViiniWinnie

A passionate and professional female wine and whisky taster who is familiar with both Asian & European cultures.






- The Elements of a taster


What is the meaning of ViiniWinnie?


Viini is a Finnish word meaning Wine. As it has similar sound as Winnie, it is good to combine Winnie with her passion together for easy remembering.


Is there any special meaning for the logo?


Yes. It is obvious ViiniWinnie is a female taster with the butterfly, red lips and long hair! :) This is to show the femininity of her taste buds as there are not that many professional female tasters in the world nowadays.


Besides the thicker outline of the lady in the logo is to show a sense of mascaulinity of her palate, that she is trying to get a balance from the tasting points of view.  


Who is ViiniWinnie?


ViiniWinnie was born and grew up in Hong Kong for more than 30 years and is now residing in Europe. ViiniWinnie is sensitive to different aromas and have good taste-buds in which raised her interests in wine, coffee and last but not least, whisky. She is a holder of WSET level 3 and soon take the next step for more advanced levels. 

ViiniWinnie has been travelling to various wine growing regions and distilleries. She is expanding her destinations throughout these years for her professionalism. 

ViiniWinnie is currently a freelance editor in lifestyle Merci Magazine mainly for wine, whisky and coffee. She had been a wine educator for adult training when she was in Hong Kong. ViiniWinnie is also experienced in international sales, marketing and branding. She would be a perfect bridge between East and West.


Why is this page born?


ViiniWinnie would love to promote the wine and whisky culture (with responsibly drinking) through this page. She aims at sharing her knowledge and experiences to readers with her unique background and combination of East meets West. She introduces good quality wines and whiskies through her reviews, to provide reader wise selections in the market.


ViiniWinnie will include the events that she is attending and wineries and distilleries she is travelling. Industry update news will also be included. It will mainly be written in English, but in some of the reviews there will also be short descriptions in Chinese and Finnish for easy reading.

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