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I just noticed that I have not been updating anything for some months, due to all the busy schedules in tastings and crazy travelling in previous 2 months. Sorry for keeping you all waiting for my articles (even I have been actively updating my facebook page and instagram). Finally I have time to sit down and update some articles (even some are still in draft and waiting for me to finish and publish :P)


I just read a wonderful and exciting news online and I believe it is a must to share with runners who are whisky lovers (or the other way round). There will be the very FIRST Whisky Marathon held in autumn 2017, named Dramathon! As a lover of both, I have already decided to join, and now just waiting for my HK whisky travel mates to wake up to tell them about this exciting news and see if they are willing to participate together to have some fun (due to time difference between HK & Finland)!

The competitions among whisky industry is getting keener and keener. Different brands and distilleries are releasing new bottling every year for whisky lovers and enthusiasts to increase the market share. Therefore, apart from traditional bourbon and sherry casks, you can see more and more new types of cask finishes appearing in the market, in which those casks from wine industries have been widely used in recent 5 to 10 years to mature or as a cask finish for whiskies.


Glenfiddich distillery as one of the largest distilleries with the best-selling single-malt whisky in the world, they have just released 2 experimental whiskies to the market in early September and they are going the Experimental Series collections. 

A private tasting of Chateau Smith Haut Lafitte was organised in a cellar on 6 September Tuesday evening, with the honour of Ludovic Fradin, the Commercial Director of the Chateau, who was coming to Finland for the first time to conduct the tasting. A group of wine experts and enthusiasts were invited to participate in this wonderful evening.

Wolfburn Distillery was a legend in the 19th century in Scotland. It was located in Thurso, Caithness, as the northernmost distillery in mainland Scotland. Wolfburn was founded in 1821 by William Smith. Water source was from Wolf Burn. "Burn" in Scotland means stream or river and this was reason why the distillery was named Wolfburn. The annual production according to tax record was around 125,000 litres in 1826. However the distillery production ceased suddenly in around 1850s without known reasons and there was no record of the exact closing day. The distillery was marked as a ruin in 1872 in the first Ordnance Survey Map. 

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